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Born in Seoul, South Korea, Jeein moved to the US when she was 12 to pursue a childhood dream — ice skating. At the age of 17, she realized her true passion no longer lived on the ice, it lived in her sketchbooks. Having a love for figure drawing and painting since before she could speak english, Jeein hung up her skates and picked up her pencils as she dove head first into fashion design & illustration.

Throughout her college career, Jeein freelanced, interned, honed her skills, won various awards, and ultimately graduated top of her class.

After graduation Jeein immediately began her career working as a designer at such companies as Abercrombie & Fitch, Converse, and J.Crew while regularly freelancing as an illustrator.

Currently Jeein is continuing her work as a designer and an illustrator in Brooklyn, NY.

Email: shinjeein@gmail.com
Personal website: jeeinshin.com

New York | Los Angeles