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Joseph Blake is an illustrator and graphic designer who enjoys pushing paint around and bullying pixels.

He recognized the power of communicating with imagery when he drew an "I'm very sorry" card for his mom during one of his early time outs.

Joseph earned his Illustration degree from RISD. He spent the following four years designing graphic tees for Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. His illustrations also appeared in CMYK, Philadelphia Magazine and Philadelphia Stories.

With every creative opportunity, Joseph tries to make his friends laugh, his parents proud, and his clients impressed. Triumphs, failures, and lessons learned trying to grow up right, are the driving forces of his pictures and characters. He now designs graphics for apparel, illustrates children's books, conducts drawing lessons, finds new ponds to fish, plays ice hockey, and still draws cards for his parents and friends.

Joseph is available for freelance opportunities.

Email: josephblake@gmail.com
Personal website: josephblake.com
Etsy shop: Etsy

New York | Los Angeles