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Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway. I fled away from boredom of this seaside village at 18. I studied fashion in France and Norway. I felt lucky to find work as a graphic artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I fell madly in love online in 2004. He lived in Texas and I in Oslo, Norway. We finally met up a couple of years later and married in Las Vegas. A $239 wedding ceremony, just the two of us. And so my life moved on to Los Angeles where I worked for Juicy Couture as a conceptual artist. I now live in NY working with amazing people at Pink creating magical graphics.

I prefer spending my time on my wooden floor with paint and materials covering every inch I have left of space. I play with wood, paper cutting, pens, resin, acrylics, inks, pastels and of course the pencil. I'm an avid collector of vintage photography and old time labels. I find inspiration in my surroundings, my family and friends. I act on my feelings. Creating an emotional connection between art, product and consumer. Wow, consumer what a horrible word. But it's real. If my art can't provoke a though or an emotion in a person then it is obsolete.

Now as I am sitting in my apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan, I am growing tired of the endless honking and the constant sound of people. I wish to climb my grandparents mountains and live in the deep fjord one day. Row into husky waves, catch a mackerel, smoke it and eat it on the spot. Good life.

New York | Los Angeles