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If Mariza Scotch is one of the best-kept secrets in the fashion business, it is – like all of her work – strictly by design.

“I believe beauty is good for people,” says Mariza, a veteran designer who creates luxury accessories from the world’s best materials and oversees their development with a practiced hand and critical eye.

Mariza has led design teams at Mark Cross, Ralph Lauren, Tod's and Kate Spade. Equally comfortable in a consulting role, she's been responsible for collections produced by an impressively diverse group of clients, including Zac Posen, MAC, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Mariza's been described as a designer who "gets branding," a skill that's increasingly important
in a saturated market. "We don't need more things - we need better things. To stay relevant, each brand needs to tell an original story. That's what I do."

Her clients’ handbags have appeared regularly at red-carpet events and on the editorial pages
of American, French, German and Italian Vogue; Elle; Harper?s Bazaar; Glamour; Women?s Wear Daily; In-Style; W; People Magazine and other global publications.

“I’ve spent my entire career focusing on excellence and quality" says Mariza. "As an in-house or consulting creative director, I pull all the elements together with the big picture in mind. My strength is in defining a consistent image and getting everyone else on board."

Among fashion insiders, Mariza is known for combining Swiss precision, Italian luxury and American practicality. But while her deliberate anonymity reflects her thoughtful professionalism, she adores designing products that make a splash.

“My goal is to create iconic pieces, bestsellers."

For all the value she's brought to her bold-face employers and clients, she's stayed focused on the brand rather than on personal glory: “I’m most interested in successful collaboration."

New York | Los Angeles