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Scott was born and raised in Long Island, NY and then moved West to enjoy the beach and experience life on another coast. He is interested in telling stories through pictures (photos, drawings & collage). A designer by trade, Scott's days are spent helping companies influence and intrigue consumers; at night, he works on personal projects.

A firm believer in artist's books and zines as a way to show process and tell stories, Scott has been designing small books since he began his career. Usually homemade and printed in small limited editions, these pieces were handed to friends and family to enjoy. Late in 2009, he decided it was time to invite friends along for the journey and take a book to press for the first time. The RRR Project asked artists, photographers, and designers to look around their environments, see what could be saved, picked up, turned over, and looked at differently. We are now in our second round of recycling fun and creativity, with another free downloadable ezine on our site and another printed book to come in the summer of 2010. More information about the artists and current exhibitions can be found at www.rrrproject.com. Enjoy.

New York | Los Angeles