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I've always been attracted to layering colors, textures and form. Embellishment and print design are excellent artistic mediums for this expression.

'More is more' is definitely my philosophy as I'm painstakingly detailed orientated in my approach. Embellishment is an exacting craft but there's nothing more satisfying then starting with a blank canvas and manipulating, encrusting it with your hands.

Travel and nature are sources of inspiration. I look at the adornment of tribal cultures and their textiles as well as the decay and erosion of modern and organic materials. I'm also influenced by interiors as i see my embellished pieces as wall hangings. At the moment i'm collaborating with a friend to make embellished light fixtures; art pieces with a function.

After winning The Textile Award at Graduate Fashion Week, I was commissioned by English Heritage and The Arts Council to create a textile fountain dress sculpture called Tallulah, running water dress. Currently I live in NYC as the Embellishment Designer for Rebecca Taylor.

Email Vien: Vien Le Wood

New York | Los Angeles