Robert Geller, Eunice Lee
Todd Snyder, Peter Poopat
Todd Snyder
Eric Puestow, Todd Snyder, Robert Geller, Maggie Winter, Eunice Lee, Peter Poopat
Eunice Lee, Peter Poopat, Christina Malleos-Langbort, Douglas Hand
Joe Medved
Douglas Hand
Heesung Choi, Robert Geller, Simone Leonhardt
Charissa Kinley-Roddis
Woody Hines, Chris Callis
Caleb Ganzer, Tim Dizon, Paul Bryant, Eunice Lee
Robert Geller, Eunice Lee
239 Centre Street Salon
No. 1 "Perspectives"

239 Centre Street Salon is a gathering of creative minds and an exchange of ideas. Each Salon is focused on a specific topic, and serves as a forum for educational and engaging discourse in an intimate setting.

On October 26, 2017, the first Salon, "Perspectives," debuted with our panelists focusing on entrepreneurship in the creative fields. The panelists included:

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