The Final Judging will be hosted by the ACE Hotel on Friday, 3/25. The top three menswear students (Joshua Myrie- FIT, J. Derek Clarkson- SCAD and Casey Evangelista- Academy of Art) and the top three womenswear students (Erica Fenn- Parsons, Kieran Dallison- FIT and Tanni Xu- Parsons) will present their projects in-person to the judges. Judges include: Eunice Lee (UNIS), Siki Im (Siki Im), Maria Dziedzic (Uniqlo), Sam Shipley & Jeff Halmos (Shipley & Halmos), Lisa Mayock & Sophie Buhai (Vena Cava), Kin Lee (Madewell) and Betty Madden (Aerie).
First Round Judging
Employer Review
Final Judging
Joe Medved & Sophie Buhai
John Caruso & Kin Lee
Jeff Halmos
Derek Clarkson
Casey Evangelista
Maria Dziedzic, Sam Shipley, Jeff Halmos, and Casey Evangelista
Erica Fenn
Maria Dziedzic, Sam Shipley, Jeff Halmos, and Erica Fenn
Joshua Myrie, Betty Madden, Kin Lee, Sophie Buhai, and Lisa Mayock
Jeff Halmos
Sonia Dickson, Mark Evan Blackman, and Matthew Kane
Jess Haegerty, Ben Stubbington, and Casey Evangelista
Sophie Buhai & Sam Shipley
Joshua Myrie, Joe Medved, and Erica Fenn
Derek Clarkson & Joe Medved
Erica Fenn, Eunice Lee, and Joshua Myrie
 Amanda Garcia Santana, Alex Casertano, and Kafi Wilson
Casey Evangelista, Erica Fenn, and Derek Clarkson
Joe Medved & Sophie Buhai
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