Sharon Lombardo, Leah Chernikoff, Heesung Choi and Sehyun Park
Stefan Miljanic, Tim Coppens, Tony Kretten, Doug Burkman and Jesse Rhoads
Sehyun Park
Jesse Rhoads' Project
Tim Coppens and Tony Kretten
Brandon Sun, Daryl Kerrigan and Huguette Hubard
Sarah Conlon
Jesse Rhoads, Matt Strode and Stefan Miljanic
Sehyun Park
Jesse Rhoads
Tony Kretten and Doug Burkman
Tuyen Tran
Matt Strode, Maia Strode, Sabrina Papp and T.J. Papp
Luis Rivera and Carmen M. Rivera
Caryn Medved
Ben Burkman and Jesse Rhoads
Matt Strode and Maia Strode
Tim Hamilton, Kin Ying Lee and Andrew Berg
Tuyen Tran and Sarah Conlon
Daniel Seo, Carmen M. Rivera, David Yoo, Sehyun Park
Heesung Choi and Leah Chernikoff
Matt Strode and Joe Medved
Jesse Rhoads and Esther Shim
Sharon Lombardo, Leah Chernikoff, Heesung Choi and Sehyun Park

The Final Judging was hosted by the ACE Hotel on Thrusday, 4/04. Congratulations for Jesse and Sehyun, who each won a $10,000 scholarship.

Menswear Students:

Womenswear Students:

  • Sehyun Park - FIT
  • Carmen M. Rivera - RISD
  • Sarah Conlon - FIT

Menswear Judges:

Womenswear Judges:

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