Jac Cameron, Maggie Winter
Mariana Marengo, Heesung Choi, Robert Geller, Ras Nyankanzi
Alan Eckstein
Ben Preuss, Jennifer Van Beek
Carolina Dalfo, Karen Yao, Jeremy Ho
Brad Andrews, Alex Casertano
Adele Carr, Willow Lindley, Molly Haylor
Abe Santana, Nicole Markowitz
Sean Kwon, Wilbert Cooper, Elliot Hinds
Alex Dondero, Robert Geller
Zandy Reich, Maggie Winter, Lydia Choy
Premda Wunderle, Alessandra Santopietro
Austin Curtis with Dot
Ingo Wilts, Mahmoud Youssef
David Kim, Jaime Rojas, Ras Nyankanzi
Robert Geller, Joe Medved
Nick Evans, Ashley Jones, John Caruso
Yuliya Sikora
Elliot Hinds, Wilbert Cooper, Frank Thiel, Siki Im
Brett Fahlgren, Joe Medved
Jac Cameron, Maggie Winter

On February 8, 2018 LV Wood hosted the Joe's Blackbook Scholarship Fundraiser. The Fundraiser involved silent auctions of items donated by Aesop, Opening Ceremony, Supreme, Common Projects, Diptyque, AYR, Garrett Leight, Best Made, La Colombe, UNIS, and Haerfest, among others. Guests included industry professionals in the fashion and retail worlds, who came out to support the annual Scholarship.

Special thank you to LV Wood, VIVA XXXII, and Palinkerie.

2017 Fundraiser
New York | Los Angeles