Juhee Ryu, Nicole Lee, Shirley Park, Youngsun Park, Junhyung Seo, Jonathan Levite
Siki Im, Ben Stubbington
Abdul Abasi
Ben Stubbington, Martin Andersson, Siki Im, Tim Coppens, John Caruso, Greg Rosborough, Abdul Abasi
Martin Andersson
Shirley Park
Anne Kathrin Rohr, Joyce Lee
Anne Kathrin Rohr, Claire Sully, Carol Song, Bryn Taubensee, Joyce Lee
Dylan Tavnerner, Kim Giangiuli
Willam Rauscher, Lauren Roberts, Athena Bochanis
Greg Rosborough, Junhyung Seo
Joe Medved, Jill Unruh, Craig Olman, Rob Blair
Claire Sully, Bryn Taubensee, Anne Kathrin Rohr
Peter Poopat, Sean Kwon
Rebecca Seidenstein, Greg Gerson, Lauren Liebler, Douglas Hand
Dillon Sirimongkhon, Paul Bryant
Shirley Park
Junhyung Seo
Youngsun Park, Robert Geller, Jonathan Levite
Charissa Kinley, John Caruso
Dylan Taverner, Tim Coppens, Joe Medved, L.E. Manuel
Peter Poopat, Robert Geller
Tanya Tankiang, Joyce Martin
Adele Abbott, Sean Kwon
Juhee Ryu, Nicole Lee, Shirley Park, Youngsun Park, Junhyung Seo, Jonathan Levite

Joe’s Blackbook is committed to supporting and nurturing the next generation of designers. To that end, each year we award two $10,000 scholarships- one for Womenswear, one Menswear.

Juniors at top U.S. design schools compete via a project. Designers judge the submissions in a two-stage process. Six candidates are selected to move on to the Final-Round Judging.

Menswear Finalists:

  • Junhyung Seo - FIT
  • Jonathan Levite - Otis
  • Youngsun Park - Otis

Womenswear Finalists:

Menswear Judges:

Womenswear Judges:

2017 Scholarship
2016 Scholarship
2015 Scholarship
2014 Scholarship
2013 Scholarship
2012 Scholarship
2011 Scholarship
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