Lauren Liebler, Rebecca Seidenstein
David Yoo
Kim Giangiuli, Dean Sidaway
Joe Medved, Kim Smith
Kate Higgins
Lucy Wood, Matthew Kane, Emily Steger
Thi Wan
Sean Kwon, Dashiel Brahmann, David Kim, Yuliya Sikora
Karen Mercado, Christopher Mulero
Yoon Nam, Karl Aberg
Ashley Jones, Heesung Choi, Nick Evans
Joe Medved, Caroline Holleran, Antonia Salvucci
Adam Thomson, Nick Smith
Carolina Amorim, Briar DeTommaso, Sean Kwon
Randy Cousin, Ashley Jones
Joyce Lee
Lauren Liebler, Rebecca Seidenstein

Joe’s Blackbook is committed to supporting and nurturing the next generation of designers. To that end, each year we award two $10,000 scholarships- one for Womenswear, one Menswear.

Juniors at top U.S. design schools compete via a project. Designers judge the submissions in a two-stage process. Six candidates are selected to move on to the Final-Round Judging.

The selected Finalists will earn an all-expense paid trip to New York City to present their projects to a panel of Judges. Previously, Finalists displayed their work to Robert Geller, Elyse Wlaker, Peter Poopat (Common Projects), Nick Wooster, Jay Bell (Barneys), Todd Snyder, John Elliott, Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne (Public School), etc.

Award money is given to the winning candidate's school to be applied toward his/her senior year tuition.
2017 Scholarship
2016 Scholarship
2015 Scholarship
2014 Scholarship
2013 Scholarship
2012 Scholarship
2011 Scholarship
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